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Preparing to Present Your Personal Injury Claim

Posted Thursday, September 25, 2014 by Chris Thayer

alt textYou want to make your first meeting with your Seattle personal injury attorney as productive as possible. Following is a list of items that your attorney will ask you to bring with you so that you may be as prepared as possible for your consultation.


The first subject your Seattle personal injury attorney will discuss is your medical history. Bring a list of doctors you have seen, names and addresses of facilities where you were treated and any records and reports you have in your possession that you feel may be relevant to your case. Your Seattle personal injury attorney most likely will ask for permission to contact the health care providers to obtain copies of your records.


Bring information about your medical insurance coverage. In addition, if your claim involves an automobile accident, provide information about your automobile coverage. If your claim involves an event that happened on your property, bring information about your homeowner’s insurance. If someone else was involved such as another driver, bring any information you have about their insurance.

If you have not reported the event to your insurance company, be prepared to explain the delay. Virtually all insurance policies require you to report potential claims promptly.

Provide your Seattle personal injury attorney with the names and contact information for insurance adjusters who have contacted you. Include copies of correspondence, e-mails and notes you have taken.

Physical Items

If your accident involves an automobile or dangerous conditions on property, your Seattle personal injury attorney will ask you to take pictures showing the damage to the automobile or the nature of the dangerous conditions. If a small item, such as a power tool was involved, your Seattle personal injury attorney will ask you to try to secure the item before it can be repaired or modified.

Other Attorneys

Your Seattle personal injury attorney also will want to know if you have spoken to other attorneys about your case.

Seattle personal injury lawyer Chris Thayer can help pursue your personal injury claim in the best manner possible. Contact him at 206-340-2008 to arrange for a case evaluation.

Chris Thayer Seattle Personal Injury Attorney

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