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A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Seattle Talks Lowballing by Insurance Companies

Posted Friday, June 7, 2013 by Chris Thayer

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in SeattleClaims representatives from insurance companies try several techniques to lowball claimants. Claims representatives often will tell people their claims are being decreased because they won’t pay taxes on the general damages being paid. A motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle can explain that the claims representative is taking credit for the fraction of taxes the claimant usually gets when earning money. Insurance company representatives also will try to use a dislike for attorneys against you. Then, the claimant will be offered a low settlement, knowing the claimant won’t try to discuss it with counsel.

You Only Get What You Ask For

A motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle can explain insurance companies don’t offer to pay anything that isn’t demanded by a claimant. But, if an insurer fails to disclose the insured person’s rights under the policy, they could be committing bad faith. Insurance industry practices and rules require insurers have a duty to let policyholders know all coverage they are entitled to following a claim.

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Seattle will warn that policyholders should never be left to guess about benefits. Claims representatives also may try to avoid paying a full cash settlement on a claim by offering a structured settlement, which means a person is paid over time instead of in one lump sum. A motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle can tell you it is beneficial to an insurance company because it doesn’t need to surrender all of the money at once.

Finally, insurance companies will try to play the diminutive value card. A motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle can add, a claims representative will refuse to pay this value of a claimant’s vehicle are repairs are completed. Sometimes, certain makes and models lose market value even if they are repaired because they are no longer the factory original. This happens more often with very expensive vehicles.

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