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Accident Attorneys Seattle on Bus Accident Claims

Posted Saturday, September 19, 2015 by Chris Thayer

All vehicle crash claims are not alike; although clearly it is the highest priority in any accident on the roadway to attend to the injured parties and work towards as complete a recovery as possible, the manner in which the claim is pursued varies depending on who the responsible party is. Bus accidents can be quite complex.

Basic Considerations

Statistically, riding in a bus is safer than riding in a car, but when a bus accident occurs, the bus passenger is exposed to a greater risk of serious injury or death. There is some logic to this, as the number of passenger cars on the road far exceeds the number of buses, but the sheer size of a bus portends danger for those unfortunate individuals who are involved in an accident either as a passenger in the bus or driver or rider in another vehicle.

Liability on Part of the Driver of the Other Vehicle

In cases where the bus driver is not liable, the matter is fairly routine; the injured bus passenger may file a third party liability claim against the other driver’s insurance company.

Liability on Part of the Bus Driver

This situation often becomes complicated. The majority of buses are owned and operated by some government entity or quasi-government agency, such as a city, county or school district, for example. Tort claims brought against government entities work differently than against private parties in such areas as:

A failure to follow proper procedure can result in the loss of the ability to recover.

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