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Adjuster Red Flags

Posted Thursday, November 7, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle truck accident lawyer Certain items are red flags on your claim that invite adjuster scrutiny. A Seattle truck accident lawyer has a strong knowledge of what sorts of issues raise questions among insurance adjusters, and will work with you to determine what the strengths of your case are.

A Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer Knows How Insurance Adjusters WorkAn experienced Seattle truck accident lawyer understands the thinking of insurance adjusters, and what they are directed to look for in claims. Before they examine items on your claim, they have to examine whether or not they can apply their policies to them. If so, they then must determine to what extent they can apply the policies. Following that, they will see just how much they plan on spending in order to resolve the claim.

A Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer for Adjusters Who Question EverythingYour Seattle truck accident lawyer may be able to advocate for you with an adjuster – especially if you get stuck with one who questions every little item on your claim. Unfortunately, the adjuster has the right to scrutinize claims as much as her or she wishes, and for any reason. Anything that seems suspicious will be examined thoroughly, and this includes simply getting a “funny feeling” about the insured.

A Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer Who Knows the Red FlagsWhen adjusters are overzealous in their claim examination, it can make it difficult for your Seattle truck accident attorney to resolve the case on your behalf. Take a look at these red flags adjusters often see:

  1. Medical treatment unsupported by the records available.
  2. Treatment by physicians that falls outside their specialty (for example, a chiropractor treating a neurological complaint).
  3. Continued treatment with no perceived improved in the patient’s condition.
  4. Medical issues consisting solely of soft-tissue injuries, together with reports of chronic pain and/or an inability to return to meaningful work, with no substantial medical records to support this.

For more red flags, talk to a Seattle truck accident attorney.

A Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help with Your Injury ClaimIf you’re having problems with an insurance adjuster over your injury claim, talk to Seattle truck accident attorney Chris Thayer at (206) 340-2008.