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Advice on the Video Deposition

Posted Tuesday, September 16, 2014 by Chris Thayer

alt textIt is very possible that your deposition may be taken via video conferencing. Your personal injury lawyer in Woodinville can provide you with valuable suggestions if this is the case.

Don’t Look Down

You must maintain direct eye contact with the camera, so keep your eyes focused on the lens in front of you as if you were speaking to a person sitting across from you. Your audience sees what the camera sees. Since the camera is focused on your face and not on the table at which you are seated, it cannot pick up the documents to which you are referring as you speak. All your audience sees is that you are looking down instead of at them. From their perspective you are avoiding eye contact with them. At best, their attention begins to wander. At worst, they begin to question whether you are ashamed or untruthful and they begin to doubt your testimony.

Listen to the Lawyer

In the same vein, keep your eyes focused on the lawyer currently questioning you whether it is your personal injury attorney in Woodinville or the counsel for the opposition. Bring all your awareness to what he or she is saying. If you attempt to read while the lawyer is asking you a question you could mistake the meaning. Distraction can only do you harm, so do not allow the paperwork in front of you to divert you from what is being said to you. Consult your documentation between questions if you feel the need but never when you are speaking or are being spoken to.

Talking to the Jury

Just as you would pay strict attention to your personal injury attorney in Woodinville, give equal attention to the jurors. Listen closely to whoever is questioning you, then direct your answer to the camera. Remember, you are not looking at a machine. You are looking into the eyes of your jury. These people deserve your attention and will notice any apparent lack of eye contact.

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