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An Injury Attorney in Seattle Can Help You Recognize Unfair Insurance Adjuster Tactics

Posted Friday, August 9, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Injury attorney in SeattleAn insurance adjuster’s response to injured claimants is often fraught with half-truths and unfair delay tactics. This is because insurance companies are in the business to make money, not make sure justice is rendered. This is why it is important to have an injury attorney in Seattle in your corner who will fight for you.

Like it or not, it can often seem like insurance companies are in the business of not paying claims. If you seek benefit payments for your injuries, you may face stone-walling adjusters who try to minimize your claim. Your injury attorney in Seattle will help you fight back against common delay tactics, some of which are summarized as follows.

Blaming the VictimAs your injury attorney in Seattle can explain, adjusters may try to devalue your claim by erroneously pushing certain responsibilities on you. They might say:

• “It’s your social responsibility to take a lower settlement so everyone else’s premiums stay low.”

• “It’s your fault your car was vandalized. After all, you abandoned it when the ambulance took you away!”

• “It’s your job to investigate your own claim.”As a seasoned injury lawyer in Seattle knows, the above statements are false.

BullyingIf you had hired an injury lawyer in Seattle for a different claim in the past, the adjuster might try to use this against you. He/she might try to bully you into taking an unfairly low settlement now claiming it will save you time and expense. If you lost your previous claim, the adjuster may also try to use this against you. Your injury attorney in Seattle can explain the relevance, if any, of your previous claim.

Medical TreatmentTime and again injury lawyers in Seattle hear about adjusters who blame injury victims for aggravating their own injuries. The adjuster might accuse you of not seeking medical treatment fast enough. Your injury attorney in Seattle can review your file and discuss these matters with you further.

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