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Claims Adjuster Tactics

Posted Wednesday, December 24, 2014 by Chris Thayer

Claims adjusters work for the insurance company. As such, their role is to save their employer as much money as possible through using several tactics. Our Seattle personal injury lawyers can help you if you feel that the insurance company is not treating you fairly.

Reservation of Rights

The company might have sent you a reservation of rights letter, which notifies you that some losses are not covered under your policy. If you receive one of these notices, the claims adjuster will likely wait to offer you a settlement, and it may be very low. However, our Seattle injury lawyers can review the policy and argue for a fair ruling on your behalf.

Ignoring Your Calls or the Ostrich Method

In this situation, the claims adjuster will ignore phone calls, emails and other attempts to discuss the case. While the person might have a high caseload, they could be trying to delay payment of your claim. One adjuster reportedly indicated that they never returned phone calls until the third message. By sticking their head in the sand, they hope that the client will lose interest and that the claim will go away. Our Seattle personal injury lawyers can be persistent in their efforts to reach a settlement for you.

Missing Claim Files

The claims adjuster might also assert that the file is missing. Usually, files are kept in a central area, and the adjuster might not have direct access to it. However, our Seattle injury lawyers can continue to put pressure on the claims adjuster to work on your case.

If you believe that your insurance adjuster is attempting to avoid payment of your claim, call our Seattle personal injury lawyers. You can contact Chris Thayer at (206) 340-2008.