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Defense Attorneys May Find Weaknesses Adjusters Overlook

Posted Monday, April 22, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle motorcycle accident attorneyContacting a Seattle motorcycle accident attorney shortly after your accident is important for many reasons. Unfortunately, many accident victims do irreparable damage to their claims by communicating with an insurance adjuster without proper legal representation.

Having your personal injury attorney communicate directly with the insurance adjuster puts you in a position of power. This is because your attorney controls the information that is available to the adjuster.

Your attorney will not lie to the adjuster, of course, but he or she will be sure to emphasize your claim’s strengths and downplay or explain its weaknesses. Your attorney is also likely to know exactly what information the adjuster will find convincing or unconvincing.

Formal Discovery Is Less Forgiving

If your Seattle motorcycle accident attorney cannot reach a settlement agreement with the insurance adjuster, your file will be handed off to a defense attorney employed by the insurance company.

At this point, discovery becomes much more formal, and the defense attorney has various legal procedures at his or her disposal. For example, you may need to respond to interrogatories or produce various documents such as medical records.

As your case gets closer to trial, you may have to participate in a process known as “deposition.” In a deposition, as in a trial, you will need to testify under oath. Though a deposition does not take place in a courtroom, it is something you should take very seriously.

Much of your pre-trial preparation will revolve around getting ready for your deposition. Your Seattle motorcycle accident attorney will let you know what kinds of questions to expect and how to answer them in a way that is helpful for your case.

Weaknesses Make Settlement Less Likely

Any weaknesses in your motorcycle accident case will result in a lower settlement offer. Your attorney must strike a delicate balance between trying for an early settlement and seeming too eager to settle.


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