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Drive Safe: Mercer Island Gets Winter Storm Ready

Posted Friday, January 12, 2024 by Chris Thayer

Weather in the Pacific Northwest can be extremely unpredictable. On Mercer Island, local officials created a Winter Storm Ready information page to help residents, business owners, and visitors stay safe navigating variable weather conditions.

If you have been injured in a traffic accident in the winter or at any time of year, you may want to consider talking with a personal injury lawyer. Your legal counsel can help you understand Washington state laws and evaluate how to gather evidence regarding your situation.

*Be Alert: Weather Advisories on Mercer Island*While fog, mist, and rain provide constant beauty, these conditions can create dangerous driving conditions. To stay safe on the roads, be sure to stay alert and track changing weather situations.

If advised, be prepared to pull over, delay travel, and make safety the number one priority.

*Prepare for Increased Landslide Risk on Mercer Island*Mercer Island experiences five to 15 landslides each year. These dangerous conditions often develop during intense rainfall, runoff, or rapidly melting snow. In the Northwest, we are used to rainfall, and the increased risk of landslides can create hazardous driving conditions. In the case of emergencies, call 9-1-1.

*Preparing for Winter Storms in Washington *Winter storms can range from moderate snow over a few hours to blizzard conditions with dangerous wind-driven snow or freezing rain lasting for several days.

According to the Washington Department of Health (DOH), preparing for winter storms starts before the snow falls or before ice forms. The DOH recommends listening to radio or television for updates on winter storm developments.If staying at home, make sure the house is prepared for cold weather by fixing leaks and insulating walls, attics, and crawl spaces. Gather appropriate warm clothing, and if available, make sure the fireplace is functioning. If planning to travel, fill the gas before snow starts falling and have rock salt and sand available if needed for traction on ice.

*Watch for Ice and Snow on Mercer Island*Mercer Island provides public services to keep public streets safe, with sanding, plowing, and de-icing. Specific arterials on steep hills and major intersections may also receive a pre-treatment of liquid de-icer. However, residents and visitors should be aware that private streets are not plowed or maintained by the city.

The city provides information in the Snow and Ice Response Plan on how the snow plows are allocated with a top priority on primary routes.

*Report Safety Issues on Mercer Island*On Mercer Island and throughout King County, safety issues on public roads can be reported to local officials. In the event of spotting clogged drains, icy roads, downed trees, or other issues, residents can submit a service request, report problems, and track issues using MI-Connect.

*Talk to a Dedicated King County Personal Injury Attorney*If you have been involved in a winter storm collision, it can be extremely stressful to sort out all the issues regarding your case. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to provide legal insights related to your situation.