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Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Against the City of Seattle

Posted Saturday, April 15, 2017 by Chris Thayer

In 2016, an appellate court ruled that a family could bring a wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit against Seattle for the city’s alleged failure to properly supervise a repeat drunk driver. The driver killed a couple and seriously injured their daughter-in-law and infant grandson when he ran into them while they were crossing a street.

The family argued that the driver’s probation officer failed to properly supervise him after an earlier charge of driving under the influence, and that he should have been in prison or more closely monitored. The appellate court decision allowed a King County jury to decide whether or not Seattle acted negligently.

Lawsuit Against Tukwila Police Department

In nearby Tukwila, a lawsuit was filed against the Police Department after a police dog severely injured a domestic violence suspect. The dog ripped a chunk out of the 19-year-old’s calf, which caused a permanent injury and resulted in $81,000 in medical bills.

The attack came after an earlier incident involving a sheriff’s deputy, whose leg was also injured by the dog. The deputy filed a personal injury claim against Tukwila that was settled for $175,000. The dog was placed on administrative leave but was allowed to return after having his teeth filed down.

The domestic violence suspect who filed the more recent personal injury lawsuit argued that the Police Department knew that the dog was dangerous and should not have allowed the dog to return to work.

Seattle Settlement Agreement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In 2014, a bicyclist was killed when a truck making a left turn from Second Avenue onto University Street crashed into her. Two weeks after the accident the city made the left-side bicycle lane safer for cyclists by adding a green signal icon for bicyclists and banning vehicles from turning while bikes and pedestrians travel from north to south.

The cyclist’s family claimed that their loved one died because Seattle’s traffic control plan created dangerous conditions for bicyclists. The city ultimately paid the family $3.5 million to settle the claim.

Suing the City of Seattle for Negligence

The City of Seattle (or a municipal agency) can be held responsible for negligent actions that result in injury or death. But suing the city is not as easy as suing an individual. There are different procedures for filing a personal injury lawsuit against a government entity, which is why you should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney.

The first step is filing a claim for damages with the City of Seattle. The claim must be filed on an official form, which can be downloaded on the city government’s website. The form must be filed within the state’s statute of limitations, which varies according to the type of claim. Again, always consult with an experienced attorney before proceeding.

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