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Fire-Related Injuries in Seattle

Posted Friday, September 4, 2020 by Chris Thayer

Alternative TextAs wildfires rage across California and parts of Oregon, the Seattle Times reports that smokey conditions continue to increase across the region, and even parts of Seattle have become engulfed in smoke and soot. Every year, the rate of deaths caused by fires (both wildfires and structural) amounts to about 9.5 people per 1 million residents. While this may seem like a small number, it is important to note that these are just deaths, as reported by the State’s Office of the Fire Marshall. Many others are injured, burned, or suffer serious respiratory injuries from preventable blazes.

*Negligence and Fire-Related Injuries* When people think of personal injury claims, they typically think of car accidents and slip and fall injuries. These are, of course, some of the most common ways that Americans can get hurt by someone else’s careless conduct. However, as wildfires are becoming more frequent and more severe, people are also starting to see increases in the number of injuries and property losses. Here are just a few common types of injuries that people can suffer as a direct result of a fire:

**How Fires Can be Linked to Negligence

**Perhaps the most common type of negligent fire would be found in the structure fire. Structure fires can happen when careless individuals leave candles burning, leave lit cigarettes in their hand and fall asleep, or where landlords and building owners fail to take reasonable and necessary precautions to update faulty wiring and electrical systems. Also, many people improperly store chemicals. Highly toxic and flammable chemicals may be used by auto and equipment shops, then rags soaked in these chemicals are placed in incorrect trash or recycling bins, only to be carelessly left in direct sunlight or intense heat. This too can lead to a blaze.

*What to Do if Injured by Fire* If you or a loved one are hurt because of a fire, whether it is a wildfire or structure fire, the first step is to speak with an attorney who has years of experience handling complex insurance claims. Fire claims, unlike other injuries, are highly involved and often require specific experience in the insurance industry, in order to understand how the insurance company will investigate the matter. A Seattle injury law firm can work with you to:

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