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Five Common Medical Mistakes You Should Know Before You Go to the Hospital

Posted Friday, September 18, 2020 by Chris Thayer

Alternative TextAccording to CNBC, citing a Johns Hopkins study from just a couple years ago, medical errors are actually the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. When medical malpractice attorneys remind people of this staggering fact, many are simply unaware, but it is remarkable how many Americans suffer not only death, but also serious and permanent injuries due to careless or even reckless healthcare providers. At Pivotal Law Group, we are passionate about pursuing justice for clients. Before going into a hospital or other health facility, every Washingtonian should be aware of these five common medical mistakes that claim many lives annually.

*Wrong Site Procedures* Whether it is the amputation of a wrong body part or having surgery on the wrong part of your anatomy, there are little more infuriating mistakes that can be made. In the medical community, basic standards of practice should entirely prevent this from even being possible, so long as people stick to the protocol. When a doctor or other professional deviates from that standard and causes unnecessary harm, it is serious.

*Medication Errors* According to the peer-reviewed research journal, Drug Safety, about 30% of all medication errors in hospitals are preventable. While not all medication errors result in harm, when they do it can be devastating. In fact, for those who are high-risk or dealing with other medical conditions, a medication error can be lethal.

*Failure to Diagnose or Treat* This may also be lumped in with other medical errors, but the failure to properly perform a differential diagnosis in order to rule out conditions and make an accurate diagnosis early on in the treatment of a patient can lead to serious or even fatal consequences. Medical professionals have procedures to follow when diagnosing potential causes of symptoms. When physicians or other professionals fail to follow these procedures, they can miss serious health issues, such as cancer.

*Surgical Tools Left Behind* Maybe the most obvious and indefensible category of medical negligence is when sponges, utensils, and other foreign objects are left behind in a patient’s body following surgery. This can have catastrophic effects on a patient’s life, and it can lead to pain and agony for months or even years before being detected. Put simply, there is no other explanation for a utensil being left behind except for negligence.

*Incorrect Treatments* Beyond the obvious problems, simply making a diagnosis is not enough. A health profession must adhere to the relevant standards of practice for his or her field of expertise. When professionals fail to do so, they often end up providing incorrect or ineffective treatment options for their patients. This can lead to delays in proper treatment and even cause serious and permanent injury or death.

If you or a loved one are dealing with the painful effects of medical negligence in Washington State, contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney who can help you make sense of the mistakes and possibly give you and your family justice and peace of mind going forward.