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Five Mistakes to Avoid if You are in a Burien Car Crash

Posted Friday, August 4, 2023 by Chris Thayer

A man killed in a fatal crash on SR 509 was identified as a 67-year-old Burien man. A report on the B-town blog notes that the man was driving a vehicle that lost control and struck two other vehicles. The other two people were not injured in the crash, according to Washington State Patrol (WSP).

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car crash or collision, talking with a Burien Personal Injury Lawyer may help you identify your legal options.

*Crashes are the Second Leading Cause of Death in Washington*In Washington State, crashes of motor vehicles are the second leading cause of unintentional injury death and the leading cause of major trauma. The first leading cause is poisoning.

According to Washington state experts, motor vehicle injuries are largely preventable. The main causes cited are human behavior. Although many drivers state that the crash was due to poor road design, vehicle issues, or weather, Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) identifies that driver and occupant behavior is responsible for the majority of all motor vehicle crashes.

*Five Mistakes to Avoid if You are in an Accident in Burien*Sadly, accidents are an all too frequent occurrence in Washington. If you are involved in an accident in Burien, it is useful to understand several common mistakes that you can avoid.

*Never Neglect to Call The Burien Police*After a car crash, it is important to call the police. The police will help to clear the accident and help traffic return to normal.

*Do Not Leave the Scene in Burien*Leaving the scene is not legal or responsible. According to Washington law, you are required to stay at the scene of the accident. Park your vehicle as close to the scene as possible.

*Do Not Forget to Gather Evidence in Burien*While you are waiting for police or first responders, gather evidence. Take time to get the names and contact information of other people involved. If possible, gather names and contact details from witnesses. You may be able to document the scene with photos using a cell phone.

*Do Not Forget to Get the Badge Number of the Officer*When you get a copy of your accident report, be sure to get the badge number of the officer who filled in the report. This is the person who will have an accurate record of the events as you described them.

*Do Not Admit Fault in a Rush to Apologize*After an accident, it is easy to say things that could be considered an admission of fault. These may be simple phrases that people say almost automatically out of politeness.

Some comments to avoid are: “I’m sorry.” “I only looked down for a moment.” “I was texting.” “I tried to slow down.”

While you may be attempting to show care and empathy, simple phrases can be used against you if you decide to file a lawsuit.

*When to Talk With a Burien Personal Injury Attorney*If you have been involved in a car crash or collision, you may be uncertain about legal options and the best course of action. Talking with a Personal Injury Attorney may provide peace of mind.