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Five Simple Truths About Treating a Bulging Disc After an Auto Accident

Posted Friday, December 25, 2020 by Chris Thayer

If you are thinking about speaking with an attorney near you about suffering a bulging disc after a Seattle car or truck accident, then you should understand these five simple truths. A bulging disc is not a simple or minor injury. It can lead to excruciating pain and suffering, with long recovery times. Sadly, many people do not fully understand the injury, and this even includes some lawyers who profess to be injury attorneys. So, here are five things you must understand about your bulging disc injury.

*A Bulging Disc is Not a Minor Soft-Tissue Injury*If someone refers to your bulging disc as a minor soft-tissue injury, then they are simply uninformed or uneducated in spinal health. The discs in your spine act as shock absorbers. Through these small structures runs a bundle of nerves. Discs can get displaced and pinch nerves (i.e. impingement). Or, they can become deflated, much like a flat tire. When this happens the bones of the vertebrae can start to rub together, causing a lot of pain.

*A Bulging Disc is Not a Herniated Disc*There is actually a difference between a bulging disc and a herniated disc. With herniation comes an opening or tear. As explained by the Mayo Clinic, this means that the soft pouch-like structure of the disc is punctured or ruptured, letting out the jelly-like substance inside. This lubricant helps the disc protect and cushion the vertebrae. But when the fluid leaks out, it leads to much the same effect as a bulging disc, though they are not the same.

*A Bulging Disc Cannot Always be Identified Through Imaging*An x-ray commonly does not show a bulging disc. An MRI, however, may. It all depends on the bulging disc and the clarity and strength of the MRI machine being used. The higher the definition, the better the chances of getting a clear image. Of course, like everything in life, with a higher definition laser and better quality imaging, you will pay more for the MRI. This is a good reason why you should work with a personal injury lawyer who has strong relationships with local specialists who can get you in and evaluate your injury.

*Many Americans Have Bulging Discs Already*Not to bring bad news, but many Americans already have disc injuries from normal use, wear and tear, age, and past traumas. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that each year, between five and 20 adults out of 1,000 will have a bulging disc. It is most common in later years (after about 40), and men get them at about twice the rate as women. Of course, this does not mean that you should walk away from an injury claim just because bulging discs are somewhat common. It is still a very painful condition. Even if you already have this condition, an auto accident or slip and fall can certainly aggravate it.

*Bulging Discs Often Improve With Physical Therapy and Weight Loss*Research from Harvard Medical School suggests that dropping some pounds will help alleviate pressure on the discs, thus helping to relieve back pain relating to bulging discs. Likewise, physical therapy can play a very big role in the treatment plan. But when all these things fail to help, doctors may be able to use steroidal injections, nerve blocks and other surgical techniques to relieve pain. In fact, these are just some of the remedies available:

*What to Do if You Suffer a Bulging Disc Due to an Accident*If someone else is responsible for causing your bulging disc, and you are suffering serious pain from the injury, then you deserve to be compensated. A back injury can greatly affect your ability to enjoy your life, play with children, keep employment, and enjoy the same quality of life as before. Call or visit Pivotal Law Group today, and let us offer a free, no-obligation case evaluation. You may be entitled to more money than you realize. But you will not know if you do not call.