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Goals Of Depositions

Posted Wednesday, February 10, 2016 by Chris Thayer

A personal injury lawyer Kitsap County can explain that many personal injury lawsuits involve depositions. These are out-of-court proceedings in which a witness testifies under oath. When a lawyer conducts a deposition, it is because he or she has a specific objective, such as:

Discovering Information About The Case

A deposition gives a personal injury attorney in Seattle the chance to observe the other party and witnesses. He or she can see if the witness seems credible or evasive. Additionally, he or she can see how the individual would likely appear in front of a jury.

Narrowing The Issues

Another objective of conducting a deposition is to help narrow the issues. By determining the issues that both parties agree to, more time and effort can be expended on issues that are being contested. In personal injury cases, this can often make the process much easier for the insurance adjuster.

Making Predictions

By going through a deposition, a personal injury lawyer can get a better understanding of what the witness will say at trial. By receiving this information early in the process, the lawyer can attempt to discover evidence that will show that the witness is not being truthful and can use this evidence to impeach the witness at trial. Even if the witness is being honest, depositions allow a lawyer to consider the type of information that will be necessary to rebut the witness’s testimony.

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