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Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Chris Thayer
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Having Your Damages Estimated by a Seattle Injury Attorney

Posted Monday, February 9, 2015 by Chris Thayer

In order to determine the damages that may be available in your case, a Seattle injury attorney may inquire into details of your life. While you may feel that this information is private, a personal injury attorney Seattle WA can explain that this information is vital in providing you with competent legal representation.

Marital and Family Questions

You may be asked if your marriage has been negatively impacted since the accident. In particular, you may be asked whether you have struggled with maintaining relationships with your spouse and other members of your family. You may also be asked if your sexual relationship with your spouse has been affected because of the injury in anticipation of a loss of consortium claim. If your children have been affected because you can no longer play with them or participate in favorite pastimes, this information is also relevant for evaluating your damages.

Medical Questions

You can expect your personal injury attorney Seattle WA to ask you a number of medical questions. For example, he or she may ask you what medical expenses you have incurred and what medical expenses you anticipate you will incur in the future. If you have hired a nurse or medical aide, it is important that you give this information to your Seattle injury attorney. Likewise, inform your attorney if you have purchased medical equipment or prescription medications for the treatment of your injuries. Also, provide details about what doctors have told you regarding future care and expenses.

Legal Assistance

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