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Hit By a City Bus? Here is What You Need to Know About Personal Injury in Renton

Posted Friday, June 2, 2023 by Chris Thayer

If you are in Renton, Seattle, or Kent, you may be commuting or traveling by bus to avoid the notorious traffic in our region. But what should you do if you suffer a bus accident?

Bus accidents may involve public buses such as King County Metro Transit. Whether you are a passenger, pedestrian, occupant of a motor vehicle, or bicyclist, these accidents can have serious consequences.

According to a My Northwest report, King County Metro Transit has been involved in 104 preventable accidents over the last four years. The report found that between 2018 and 2022, Metro buses have traversed over 200 million miles within King County.

The audit noted that despite the number of preventable accidents, public transportation in Seattle still ranks as one of the safest forms of passenger travel.

If you have been involved in a bus accident, it is important to stay calm, seek medical attention, document the situation, and gather contact information. Your steps immediately after an accident can help you should you decide to pursue legal action.

*Seek Medical Attention in Renton*If you have been involved in a bus accident, the top priority is to seek medical attention.

Your health and safety is a primary concern. Get medical attention for injuries as soon as possible. Some injuries may not occur instantly, but a medical professional can accurately evaluate your injuries.

*Document the Situation*If you have not been severely injured, take a moment to document the scene. Take photographs to show any details, such as property damage, injuries, and a view of the location.

If you notice debris in the road, other vehicles, or other environmental situations, document these with a photo. Many people use their phones to take photos that could be valuable evidence of the circumstances.

*Gather Contact and Witness Information in Renton*It is easiest to gather contact information from people at the scene. Ask the bus driver for any pertinent information, such as name, badge, and bus number. If you are talking with fellow passengers, get their contact details. People who witnessed or were involved in the crash may be able to offer witness evidence, which could support your case if you move forward with legal proceedings.

*Determine Who is Liable *In bus accidents, determining liability is very important, yet extremely complicated. Different parties may be responsible and could be included in determining who is at fault.

Typically, responsible parties may include the bus driver, the mechanic who serviced the bus, and the driver(s) of another vehicle. Liability may also extend to a manufacturer or designer of a defective part used in the bus found to cause the crash. Further, the company, such as King County Metro Transit, may be included as being liable.

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