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How a Lawsuit Affects You

Posted Tuesday, December 1, 2015 by Chris Thayer

An Accident Lawyer Seattle WA on what to Expect when You File a Lawsuit

Initially, after you have been injured in an accident, your attorney will be negotiating with the insurance company representing the person whose negligent act caused you to suffer a loss. If the matter cannot be settled to your satisfaction at this stage, it may become necessary to file a lawsuit. Summons and Complaint This is the formal paperwork necessary to begin a legal action. After a thorough investigation of the facts, your attorney will prepare the Summons and Complaint, serve it on the other party, now known as the defendant, and file it with the court. As the party alleging damages, the burden of proof is on you, the plaintiff.

Answer to the Complaint

The Answer is a formal response made by the defendant’s legal representative, who is a lawyer retained by the insurance company. Typically, it will deny liability, deny the extent of injuries you claim or suggest some other party was either partially or fully responsible.


Discovery is a process conducted before a trial that allows both parties to learn what the other side has in terms of information regarding the case. It is designed to narrow the issues to be determined in court. During the Summons and Complaint and Answer phases, your attorney handles the process with little participation from you; discovery, however, requires your involvement. Among the types of discovery your case may require are:

Written interrogatories that require written answers

Pretrial Procedures

Additionally, your attorney will continue to prepare for trial by interviewing witnesses, writing briefs and filing appropriate motions with the court.

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