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Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Chris Thayer
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How the Settlement Value of a Case Is Evaluated

Posted Friday, February 28, 2014 by Chris Thayer

Clients of a Seattle personal injury attorney often ask how the settlement value of a case is determined.

A Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer Will Study Your Entire Case When Deciding on a Fair Settlement Amountalt text

When deciding on a fair settlement amount, your attorney will examine the following:

  1. Was the client placed under evaluation and analysis regarding pain and suffering?
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  3. Can the plaintiff’s pain and suffering be corroborated by witnesses?
  4. Do the medical records and testimony from doctors provide documentation as to the plaintiff’s pain and suffering?
  5. Can the pain and suffering be demonstrated by photos, video or film?
  6. What can be done to lessen the pain and suffering?
  7. Have there been changes to the lifestyle of the client to alleviate the pain and suffering?
  8. Did the client need to take a different job or duties at work?
  9. Was it necessary to buy medical devices to help reduce or treat the pain?
  10. Have there been any therapeutic procedures done on the client?
  11. Is the pain from the physical problems as well as the psychological effects?
  12. Can the psychological issues be documented by the medical records?
  13. Do the medical reports and testimony from the doctors and psychiatrists match up with the issues the client is suffering from, and are they related to the incident that caused the injury?
  14. Is the client taking any medication?
  15. Are medical experts available to testify?
  16. Is the client able to engage in normal socializing and outside activities?
  17. Has the client’s view of life been altered?
  18. Is the client’s personality different from what it was before?
  19. Can witnesses provide testimony as to the personality changes?

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