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Keeping Track of Information That Can Prove Damages

Posted Thursday, November 20, 2014 by Chris Thayer

alt textWhile accident attorneys in Seattle can handle legal issues involved in your case, they may rely on victims to gather and keep track of certain information. This is particularly true when concerning the issue of damages. Accident attorneys in Seattle may provide the following guidelines to ensure that they get all of the information that they need.

Ask for Medical Bills

Each time that you go to a doctor’s appointment, physical therapy session or other location for treatment, ask for a medical bill showing this visit.

Keep Receipts for Prescriptions

Accident lawyers in Seattle may also recommend that you keep receipts for all prescription medicines that you take. This can help you document the expense, as well as provide objective proof of the pain that you were under while recovering from your injury.

Create a Chart

Accident lawyers in Seattle may also ask their clients to make a chart showcasing all of their medical bill data. For example, they may ask the client to record each expense, the reason for the expense, the amount of the expense and the date that the expense was incurred on a spreadsheet or similar table. Additionally, the table should show the source of payment for the expense, such as insurance or cash.

Provide Copies to Your Attorney

Accident attorneys in Seattle will need to receive a copy of all medical bills associated with your injury claim. Additionally, he or she will want a summary of this information so that he or she has all pertinent information when presenting this information to the jury or to the defendant during a settlement negotiation. If you neglect to provide your attorney with this information and he or she believes that all information has been reported, your case may settle for less than its actual value.

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