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Medical Records

Posted Monday, November 16, 2015 by Chris Thayer

A Personal Injury Attorney in Seattle on Providing an Accurate Record of Medical Bills

When the time comes in your personal injury case for your lawyer to discuss settlement with the defendant’s lawyer, one of the most important elements is the total of all your medical bills from all sources. Despite this, many claims are underpaid because of incomplete records.

Obtain a Medical Bill Each Time you Receive Care

Get a physical copy of the charges incurred for every service that is provided to you due to injuries related to your case. This includes hospital bills, doctor bills, lab tests, pharmacy bills, physical therapy and prescriptions.

Keep the Original and Send a Copy to Your Lawyer

Most lawyers arrange to have copies of your medical bills sent directly to their office, but it is highly recommended to send your own copies as well; at the very least, you are establishing a double-check system.

Create a Master List

Keep a record of each medical service on a master list to include the date, the provider, the type of service and the amount. Provide a copy of this list to your lawyer.

Third-Party Payers

If you have private health insurance or an employer sponsored plan, you must also obtain copies of any services that were paid on your behalf. Update Your Information It is not unusual for some time to pass between the onset of settlement negotiations and an agreement. Be certain to supplement your list and totals if you receive further treatment after you have submitted your records to your attorney.

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