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Mental Injury Cases

Posted Thursday, May 14, 2015 by Chris Thayer

When you decide to consult an injury lawyer Seattle for your mental injury case, be aware that the lawyer might advise you that your case is not a viable one. There are certain difficulties regarding mental injury cases you should understand.

Psychological injury cases are risky for both the plaintiff and for the plaintiff’s lawyer. They take a large emotional toll on the plaintiff, are expensive, and may still result in a loss or a minimal settlement. There is no guarantee of victory. The primary question that any lawyer you consult will ask is, are you likely to be in a better or worse position at the end of this case than at the beginning.

If the attorney turns down your case, it is because he or she thinks that the stress of litigation is likely to result in severe emotional stress for you, or that the case is likely to leave you in a precarious financial position. This might make you feel dejected and hopeless, but keep in mind that it not your attorney’s job, nor is it the purpose of the case, to get you treatment for your mental injury. That is the job of qualified medical professionals. Instead, your attorney must make the decision as to whether pursuing litigation is likely to result in a good outcome.

How is litigation stressful?

If your case goes to litigation, the defense attorney will be able to order invasive discovery and demand you answer intrusive questions for the case. You will have to make time for a deposition. If you are still suffering from a mental injury, this might be an added stressor on your emotions.

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