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Other Fees

Posted Sunday, October 4, 2015 by Chris Thayer

Expenses That Aren’t Included in Your Attorney’s Fees

If you’re working with a personal injury attorney in Seattle, you have probably made arrangements to cover the legal fees. You must also agree to pay additional costs that your attorney incurs. Here are some of the most common expenses.

Medical Records

Doctors and hospitals charge to print and mail medical records. Some agencies will bill you by the page. Reports and medical opinions can cost more than $100 if they need to be written by your doctor.


Insurance companies and courts require multiple copies of important documents, including medical records, bills, police reports, pay stubs and witness statements. Your lawyer will invoice you for each page that needs to be printed or photocopied. Photographs Photos are invaluable evidence in a personal injury lawsuit. Your attorney may charge you to reprint and enlarge photos.

Telephone Calls

You must reimburse your attorney for telephone bills as well as time spent on calls. If long-distance communication is required, you will be charged by the minute.

Expert Witnesses

Medical professionals, accident reconstructionists and other experts can be paid to present their opinions. If an expert is required, you will pay for reports, travel time and other expenses.

Court Costs

You must pay actual filing fees and court costs if your case goes to trial. These fees are determined by the court system. When do I pay out-of-pocket expenses? Even if your attorney accepted your case on contingency and you don’t receive a settlement, you must pay for out-of-pocket expenses and disbursements. Usually, your attorney will ask you to stay current on ancillary expenses as the case progresses.

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