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Philosophies and Differences of Reasonable Carriers

Posted Thursday, January 29, 2015 by Chris Thayer

Seattle personal injury lawyers can explain that there are high-end insurance carriers that expend large sums of funds on national advertising and offer low premiums to attract new customers. These types of insurance carriers are typically conservative in nature. In contrast, smaller insurance companies that do not advertise in this manner are usually more likely to have a more reasonable settlement philosophy.

Characteristics of Reasonable Carriers

Smaller carriers that are reasonable in nature may be local or national. They may have a better track record for settling claims outside court for a reasonable amount. Additionally, they may prefer mediation as a less expensive way to resolve a claim. They may look at the strengths of the claim rather than the weaknesses, allowing them to make more reasonable settlement offers.

Characteristics of Insurance Adjusters

Seattle personal injury lawyers can explain that the insurance adjusters who work for these reasonable insurance companies also have different reputations and philosophies than those adjusters who work for larger and more conservative insurance companies. Seattle injury lawyers must handle these adjusters in a different manner than they would handle more conservative companies. For example, Seattle injury lawyers may receive a settlement offer that they perceive as being too low. They may believe that the insurance company is playing hardball because that is a tactic a more conservative insurance company may use. However, experienced Seattle personal injury lawyers will not make this assumption when receiving a settlement offer and will handle it a more respectful manner. If you would like to learn more about philosophies of reasonable carriers, contact Chris Thayer by calling (206) 340-2008.