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Plaintiff Fraud Investigations

Posted Friday, September 4, 2015 by Chris Thayer

An injury attorney Washington can explain the facts about when an insurance company’s Special Investigation Unit will move forward with a fraud investigation.

Personal Issues That Could Spur A Fraud Investigation

Insurance companies and claims adjusters might become suspicious if the following circumstances are in place:

1) Being evasive with identification. If the claimant is unable to provide believable and credible identification, it could lead to an adjuster believing fraud might be occurring.

2) Questionable addresses. A claimant might not have a fixed address or prefer to use the address of a friend, relative, or even a P.O. box in lieu of a fixed address.

3) The claimant chooses not to use the mail for documents and opts for hand delivery. This might be a sign that the claimant is concerned about mail fraud.

4) The claimant is behaving with an aggressive attitude. Claimants like this are demanding, seek a fast settlement, or are overly knowledgeable about how the claims process works.

5) A claimant has financial issues. Before the claim was submitted, the claimant was having personal problems with finances or in the home. This might show that he or she is motivated to exaggerate the aftereffects of an accident.

6) An inconsistent lifestyle. The claimant’s income is listed at one level, but the lifestyle suggests something different. If the claimant is living in an ostentatious manner without a reputable, documented income, the adjuster might wonder where the money is coming from. It might be via illegal behaviors or “sub rosa” employment that could contradict a claimant’s assertion that the accident caused injuries or disabilities.

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