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Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Helping Bus Accident Victims

Posted Thursday, October 23, 2014 by Chris Thayer

alt text1Mass transportation can be an economical way to travel about the streets of Seattle, not to mention the environmental benefits to moving large quantities of people with one vehicle as opposed to several. However, buses are not without risk – and injuries occur every day as people move on and off Seattle’s King County Metro Transit. If you were recently injured while riding, embarking, or disembarking from a city bus, a Seattle personal injury lawyer can help you recover from the financial effects of your injuries, including lost wages and medical bills. For help with your claim, we encourage you to contact our law office right away.

Common concerns with city buses

In 2012, Seattle tourists and residents made a staggering 95,580,000 trips via city bus. With this many people in close proximity to one another, the risk of harm and injury is undoubtedly heightened. Some of the most commonly-reported bus-related injuries include any of the following:

Trips and falls getting on or off the busFalling within the bus due to insufficient seatingInjuries following a bus collision with another vehiclePedestrian injuriesProperty damage to bicycles and other items stored in the busAssaults from other passengersAccidents occurring due to driver fatigue or intoxication

Of course, your bus accident lawsuit can arise from any number of fact scenarios, and a Seattle personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether you have a strong likelihood for recovery.

Deciding who to sue

When commencing a bus accident lawsuit in Seattle, it can be difficult to determine which individual or entity to name as the responsible defendant. While it may seem obvious to name the bus driver as the responsible defendant, it may be more advantageous to also name the bus company employing the driver. If the accident involves the King County Metro Transit, you may be required to name the county in your lawsuit, which could create additional legal hurdles in light of Washington’s tort claim laws.

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