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Six Things to Bring to Your Initial Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

Posted Friday, October 4, 2019 by Chris Thayer

Alternative TextIt is no surprise that when people get into a motor vehicle accident, they become flustered and often forget really important things. Like any trauma, a car accident can play tricks on your mind, making you forget key details or, worse yet, make you say and do things you should not. This is why all drivers should consider making a plan. This can be as simple as jotting down a few notes on the envelope where you keep your registration and insurance, or as thorough as saving an attorney’s contact information in your phone.

The following are six key things you should remember to gather when going to an initial consultation with an attorney. Keep in mind that some of these will require you to take immediate action at the time of the collision, or else you will not have them later.

*Crash Report* Every law enforcement agency in Washington State has a means for recording information. For those agencies that investigate traffic accidents, there will generally be a crash report generated. This is the official record of the accident, the parties involved, and other helpful information. Contact the police department that responded to the scene, and they should be able to give you a copy. For the Washington State Patrol, you can go here to obtain a copy online.

*Photos of the Crash Scene and Damage* In this modern, high-tech world, it is shocking how many people do not take photographs of the damages after an accident. Many people are so shaken up by the event that they simply forget to document everything. But it is critical that you get photographs of the scene and the vehicles involved. If you are so badly injured that you are unable to do so, do not worry. It is important for sure, but human life and safety are always the first priority.

*Insurance information* While it may be obvious that your attorney will need a copy of your auto insurance, do not forget to bring proof of any health insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare coverage you may have. If you are in the military, you should also be prepared to bring Tricare information. This is because these insurance companies may have liens that your attorney will need to address.

*Medical Reports and Discharge Papers* Chances are if you are hiring an attorney due to injuries in a car accident, you probably have injuries that put you in the hospital or at least required you to go to a doctor. Whatever records you have thus far, bring those to your free consultation with a Seattle auto accident lawyer. This information will help your attorney know where you got care.

*Paystubs or Employment Verification* It is usually helpful to bring some paystubs, too. This is not a necessity, but if you are losing work due to the injuries, your attorney may be able to get you compensated for these lost wages. To do that, the attorney will need a reference for how much you are losing.

*Adjuster Information* While it is always best to hire an attorney early in the process, many times injured people have already been contacted by insurance companies immediately after the wreck. If so, do not fret. Just bring in the contact information, including claim number, phone number, and anything else you were given by the insurance company. Be sure to bring any paperwork the insurance company sent you, as well.

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