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Slipping and Falling at Starbucks

Posted Saturday, March 11, 2017 by Chris Thayer

Starbucks is a familiar presence in Seattle, which, after all, is where the company opened its first store in 1971. The coffee chain still calls Seattle home.

Today there are more than 25,000 Starbucks stores worldwide, hundreds of which are in the state of Washington. Unfortunately, Starbucks, like any restaurant, coffee shop or retail store, is a consumer-driven business that risks exposing its consumers to hazardous conditions. Slippery floors are one common example of a hazardous condition that is dangerous to consumers.

Slip-and-Fall Incidents at Two Starbucks Locations

In 2008, a California man fell inside a Starbucks located in Vista (which is in San Diego County). He and his wife filed a lawsuit against the company after he slipped and hit his head on a cash register. The area where he slipped had just been mopped. The man alleged that he suffers from bad headaches, extreme fatigue and other side effects that prevented him from returning to his job as a chiropractor. The jury awarded him and his wife $7.5 million in damages.

In 2014, a Montana man visited a Starbucks while traveling in Eugene, Oregon. After ordering his coffee, he exited the Starbucks through an unmarked doorway and onto a raised concrete landing. However, he alleges that he wasn’t aware that the landing was raised and wasn’t prepared when he stepped 6 inches down onto the sidewalk, where he fell and was injured. He is suing the corporation for failing to keep its store conditions safe

Potential Slip-and-Fall Hazards at Starbucks Stores

The mopped floor at the Vista Starbucks and the elevation change between the landing and the sidewalk at the Eugene Starbucks are two examples of hazardous conditions that could cause a consumer to slip and fall. Other examples include:

Spilled food and beverages;Overflowing sinks and/or toilets in the bathroom;Uneven surfaces in outdoor seating areas, like gravel; andWeather conditions like snow, ice or rain that can make outdoor areas slick.

A crowded store can magnify these hazards, potentially making it more difficult for consumers to avoid or see a slippery or uneven surface.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Washington

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are filing a personal injury lawsuit in the state of Washington. First, the statute of limitations – the time limit – for filing your claim is three years from the date of your injury. If you file the lawsuit after this three-year period then your claim will likely be dismissed.

Second, Washington is a comparative fault state. If you are partially at fault for your injuries then any damages awarded to you will be reduced by your percentage of fault. For example, if the jury determines that you are 20 percent at fault then you can only recover 80 percent of the damages.

Third, Washington does not place a cap on the amount of damages you can receive.

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