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Suing for Defective Baby Formula and Peanut Butter in Renton

Posted Friday, May 27, 2022 by Chris Thayer

Basic necessities are not just getting more expensive – they are also becoming more dangerous. Renton residents are having to pay more for smaller portions of things like peanut butter and baby formula – if they manage to get their hands on these products amidst constant supply chain issues. To make matters even worse, these basic necessities are being recalled constantly due to all kinds of health risks. So, what can you do if you are simply trying to feed your family? Can you sue if you or a family member has been injured by defective food products?

In order to answer these questions, you first need to reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney in Renton. Our legal professionals can help you hold food companies accountable for their gross negligence, and you can pursue a fair, adequate settlement for everything you have been forced to endure. You might also have the ability to join a class-action lawsuit against these food companies. The result is often a considerable financial settlement, which you can use to pay off medical expenses, deal with emotional distress, and carry on as best you can.

*Jif’s Peanut Butter Fiasco*On May 23rd of 2022, it was widely reported that Jif peanut butter products had been recalled across the nation due to a salmonella scare. The recall was prompted after 14 people suffered illnesses after eating Jif peanut butter. Two people were hospitalized with serious issues. Washington is one of 12 states that reported illnesses, and it quickly participated with the recall.

In the wake of this recall, questions are being asked about whether Jif may be sued for its negligence in this matter. A number of other companies were using Jif peanut butter in their recipes, including chocolatiers, apples and peanut butter dip products, fudge products, Celery Bites by Garden Cut, peanut butter cups, and much more. A class-action lawsuit has already been filed in Kentucky, with plaintiffs arguing that Jif intentionally misled the public by claiming its products were safe to consume.

*Baby Formula Lawsuits Continue *Everyone is talking about the baby formula shortage, and one of the main catalysts for this debacle is the death of infants due to bacterial infections. At least two babies have died due to this bacterial contamination, prompting one New Jersey mother to sue. There are also reports of children suffering serious issues related to this defective formula, including brain and spinal cord infections. It goes without saying that many lawsuits will likely follow.

*Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today*If you have been searching for a qualified personal injury attorney in Renton, look no further than Pivotal Law Group. Over the years, we have assisted numerous injured plaintiffs in the Washington area, and we know that these defective food products can cause serious issues for families. With our help, you can strive for justice and recover the compensation you need and deserve. Book your consultation today to get started with an effective action plan.