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Tactics Used by Insurers in Negotiations

Posted Thursday, September 26, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle personal injury attorneysIt is important to know how insurers negotiate personal injury claims. They are experts at getting claimants to accept a low settlement. However, strong Seattle personal injury attorneys also know how to negotiate, and can fight for your rights.

Seattle Personal Injury Attorneys: Insurers May Attack Your IntegrityPracticed Seattle personal injury attorneys know that insurers may attack the integrity of statements you made to them. One way that your Seattle personal injury lawyers can combat this is by telling the adjuster that such statements would never be used against you at trial anyway. Another way to do this is to refer the adjustor to any parts of the statement that would be unfavorable to them at trial. Finally, it can be pointed out to the insurer precisely why parts of the statement are not as they should be.

Seattle Personal Injury Attorneys Know When Insurers Claim Statements Are WeakInsurers often try to negotiate with Seattle personal injury attorneys by claiming that client statements are weak. Your lawyers can re-orient them towards things like exactly when the statement was made, as well as if you had any symptoms at that time.

Seattle Personal Injury Attorneys for Depositions and InterrogationsIf insurers give you a hard time during depositions and interrogations, your attorneys can object to questions about your statement. Your attorneys may even tell you not to reply to certain questions that insurers ask about the statement (unless told otherwise by a judge). Typically, plaintiffs must address questions about statements they have signed, but sometimes these statements and their accompanying questions are deemed inadmissible in court.

What your Seattle personal injury lawyers may do is object on the grounds that if your right to representation was not respected, you may not have been told that giving a statement could be used against you. In addition, the statement may not have been given while you were under oath. As such, your attorney may also ask to cross examine any individuals who took down the statement.

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