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Teen Drivers are at Risk

Posted Friday, August 9, 2019 by Chris Thayer

Alternative TextDo you remember the day you got your license? For most people it was an exciting time — another step toward independence and really experiencing some freedom for the first time. Driving yourself around without having to rely on another person is an exhilarating thought for most young drivers. As exciting as it can be to obtain a driver’s license, there are also serious safety risks that are commonly associated with teen drivers. When you are young, you feel invincible. Automobiles will quickly show you that no one is invincible and anyone can be injured in an auto accident at any time.

There are common risks and dangers commonly associated with teen drivers. One of the biggest dangers for teens is distracted driving. This is a prevalent issue among all drivers, but teen drivers are especially prone to this behavior. Young drivers might be tempted to have a bunch of friends in the car, send a text message while driving, excessively talk on the phone, fiddle with the radio, or otherwise have their minds on things other than driving. Any distraction can be costly on the roadways. Taking your eyes off of the road, even just for a few seconds, can drastically alter your chances of being involved in a car accident. Distracted driving is not the only issue that plagues teen drives, but one of the more common. Other behaviors include speeding, not following the rules of the road, or even driving after consuming alcohol.

*Restrictions for Teen Drivers*In an effort to combat the dangers and risks that can be associated with teen driving, the state of Washington does have restrictions on teen drivers. These restrictions include:

Even while knowing the risks, taking actions to prevent accidents, and following new driver restrictions, accidents still happen and people get injured. If your teen has been injured in an accident or you have been injured by a teen driver, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Pivotal Law Group. Recovering from an accident and injuries can be difficult. We want to help you explore your legal options and obtain the most favorable relief possible under the circumstances. Contact us today for a consultation.

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