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Two Important Case Aspects: Photos and Plaintiffs' Behavior

Posted Thursday, November 14, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle injury lawyer As much as facts, witness statements, and doctors’ reports might help bolster claimants’ personal injury litigation, a Seattle injury lawyer knows that photos and plaintiffs’ behavior can make or break many cases. Essentially, insurance adjusters and jurors want to feel that they are awarding damages for a good reason, and they want to provide compensation to claimants who seem to deserve it.

Jurors Hold the PowerAfter filing a claim, personal injury plaintiffs and their lawyers usually work with an insurance adjuster to attempt to settle the case. If things progress to the litigation stage, Seattle injury attorneys make their cases to jurors, who ultimately hold the power to decide a case’s fate.

Seattle Injury Lawyers Will Use Photos When AvailableHard evidence like police statements and medical reports are crucial to the prosecution’s case, but photos can be invaluable when trying to convince jurors that a claimant deserves compensation. If photos are available, a Seattle injury lawyer will most likely exhibit them in court to demonstrate the connection between the incident and the claimant’s stated injuries.

Personal injury attorneys can utilize photos in many types of personal injury cases, including:

Featuring photos of damaged vehicles after a collision or slippery walkways caused by negligent caretakers might aid a Seattle injury lawyer in his or her quest to prove that the plaintiff is an injured victim who deserves reparations.

Seattle Injury Attorneys Will Assess the Plaintiff and DefendantJurors are more likely to award benefits to someone who acts deserving and grateful than aggressive and antagonistic. The same trend applies to defendants; the jury might not want to severely punish a remorseful defendant who mistakenly causes an accident.

Seattle injury lawyers understand this trend and will assess the plaintiff and defendants’ behavior throughout the case. They may decide to focus on settling if they believe that a plaintiff’s chances at winning a trial are slim.

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