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Washington Injury Lawyers Discuss Emotion During Cases Involving Psychological Injuries

Posted Monday, February 22, 2016 by Chris Thayer

While it is often difficult for people to express their emotions with others and especially with strangers, Washington injury lawyers can explain that sometimes it is necessary. If your accident case involves psychological damages, it is important that you be able to explain this aspect of your case in your own words.

Be Honest

One of the best ways that Washington injury lawyers can assist their clients in opening up about their psychological damages is simply to provide an honest explanation of your injuries. By being honest, you can provide a description of the psychological damages that you have sustained. Testify from your heart and not just your mind. Doing so can help show the power of your future testimony in a courtroom in front of a sympathetic jury. Additionally, a defense lawyer who personally observes the testimony of a credible victim who has suffered psychological damages may be more likely to recommend a reasonable settlement than someone who never experiences this.

Drop Your Guard

Although you may be afraid to be vulnerable, being so may be the only way to show the other side of the veracity of your claims. It is okay to cry during the deposition if you feel the urge. Additionally, if you are feeling depressed or other difficult emotions, it makes sense that you may be overcome with emotions. By being in touch with the trauma that you endured, you may feel more vulnerable. It is often to show that vulnerability during the proceedings. In fact, in cases involving depression and other diagnosed psychological trauma, the defense lawyer may even expect tears or other signs of emotion.

Legal Assistance

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