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What Happens if I Get in an Accident in Canada?

Posted Friday, May 10, 2019 by Chris Thayer

Alternative TextVarious states in the United States are in the unique position of being extremely close to another country — Canada. Washington is one of those states. It is not uncommon for Washington state residents to take a quick weekend trip up to Canada, or even make a day trip of it. While the ease of traveling to another country can be exciting and lead to wonderful memories, there are some legal complications that can arise. Many people drive to Canada. Being in a foreign country does not absolve you from being involved in an accident. Many Washington state residents might find themselves in a situation of getting in an accident in Canada. While you are certainly not setting out on a road trip with the anticipation or expectation of an accident, it is important to have some general knowledge of what to expect should an accident occur.

Just like if the accident occurred in the state of Washington, the first priority is seeing to the health and injuries of those involved. Check yourself, any passengers with you, and occupants of the other car to make sure that everyone is healthy or receiving the medical care they need. Even if there are no apparent injuries, follow up with your doctor as soon as possible to make sure there are no internal injuries that do not manifest with physical symptoms. The Canadian healthcare system is different from the US healthcare system in that most healthcare is provided free of cost. However, this does not apply to visitors and your own healthcare insurance may need to be used to cover costs for Canadian medical treatment.

Hopefully, no one is seriously injured and there are little to no healthcare or medical expenses. In the event that there is primarily only physical property damage, it is important that you document the accident scene just like you would in the U.S. Take photos of the damages, conditions causing the accident, gather witness information, and obtain contact information of the other driver. This is formation can be useful to report to your auto insurance company when reporting the accident. Depending on your insurance carrier, the coverage in foreign countries could be different than in the U.S. You could be directed to provide more information regarding the accident. Taking extra precautions at the scene of the accident to gather all information could become useful should your insurance company ask more questions. Taking a few extra minutes at the scene to gather information could save you a future headache of tracking that information down.

After taking care of yourself and your loved ones and returning home safe and sound, it is time to consider contacting an attorney. The personal injury attorneys at Pivotal Law Group are here to help you determine what options are available to you, even if the car accident happened in Canada. You deserve an attorney who is going to fight for you and try to obtain any damages that you might be entitled to following a car accident. Contact us today for a consultation.