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What Should I Do After Being Injured?

Posted Thursday, February 28, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle brain injury attorneyThe most crucial thing your Seattle brain injury attorney will tell you to do after you have been injured is to simply recover. You are required by law to mitigate your damages—meaning that by law, you must make sure to do everything necessary to recover from the injury and improve your condition.

This may require you to follow the steps that follow:

  1. Keep every doctor’s appointment. Your Seattle brain injury attorney will advise to maintain close contact with your physician and not to miss a single appointment. If it becomes absolutely necessary to cancel an appointment, call the doctor’s office as soon as possible. Your attorney knows that doctor’s records that reveal a “no show” may be detrimental to your case at trial or settlement time.
  2. Keep prescribed physical therapy sessions. For many injuries, such as sprains, strains and other soft tissue injuries, physical therapy often proves helpful. If your physician has prescribed physical therapy, attend every session and actively participate. Once again, if it becomes necessary to cancel a session, call ahead to give ample notice. However do everything in your power to avoid missing an appointment.
  3. Do everything your physician tells you to do. Follow your physician’s orders when he or she prescribes therapy exercises or specific medications, or places limits on your activities. When settlement negotiations begin or your case has proceeded to court, any failure on your part to follow your physician’s advice may be used against you.
  4. Follow your physician’s advice regarding leisure and work activities. If your doctor prescribes rest, limits particular activities, or recommends you not to work, you should do just that. Failure to follow your physician’s advice will not only delay your recovery, but may also be detrimental to the legal aspects of your case. Despite the negative financial impact caused by stay home from work, it is crucial that you heed medical advice in order to enhance your recovery. Your Seattle brain injury attorney will make every attempt to recover the earnings you may lose from not working.

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