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What to Do After a Snow Plow Accident

Posted Friday, February 4, 2022 by Chris Thayer

Inclement weather is unavoidable in Washington State, and when snow starts falling, snow plows become critical to being able to get around safely. However, while snow plows have many positive benefits, they can also pose real risks to other drivers on the road when they are not operated responsibly. Snow plows, due to their weight, and design, can cause life-threatening harm to other drivers. Snow plow drivers have the responsibility to meet their duty of care to other drivers on the road. They breach this duty when they speed, drive erratically, drive under the influence, break traffic laws or driving regulations, or do anything else to unreasonably place other drivers on the road at risk of otherwise avoidable danger. If you have been injured in a snow plow accident in Seattle or the greater Washington state area, you may be entitled to compensation for all the harm you have suffered as a result of the incident.

*When Can I Sue for a Snow Plow Accident?* If you have been in an accident with a snow plow, or any other vehicle, in Washington state, it is always important to consult with an attorney. In order to have standing to bring a personal injury lawsuit for a snow plow accident, you must not have caused the accident. Rather, you must be able to demonstrate that the snow plow driver was at fault. In some cases, such as where the snow plow driver was breaking the law by speeding or driving under the influence, negligence will be presumed. You must also be able to show that the negligence was the direct cause of the harm that you suffered. Finally, you must be able to show that the physical harm that you suffered resulted in financial damages, such as hospital bills and lost wages. Anticipated future medical costs should also be included in this calculation.

*How an Attorney Can Help After a Snow Plow Accident * Talking to an attorney should be your first priority after seeking medical attention. An attorney can review the specific facts and circumstances of your case to determine whether you have a strong claim, the value of your claim, and the best path forward to get you the compensation to which you are entitled. An attorney can also help you identify all potentially liable parties. In some cases it may just be the snow plow driver, while in other cases, additional parties, such as the snow plow driver’s employer, or the city, may also be held liable.

*Talk to the Personal Injury Attorneys at the Pivotal Law Group * If you have been in a snow plow accident or any kind of vehicle collision in the Seattle, Bellevue, Kent, Renton, Burien, Mercer Island, Issaquah, or greater Washington State area, the experienced personal injury attorneys at the Pivotal Law Group are ready to fight to get you the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to. Contact the Pivotal Law Group today to schedule a consultation.