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What to Do in a Traffic Accident in Kent

Posted Friday, October 20, 2023 by Chris Thayer

If you are involved in a car accident in Kent, it helps to know what to do after the accident and how the state’s laws regarding car accidents may affect you.

According to a Fox News report, at least one person died in a crash involving a dump truck on SR 167 in Kent, Washington. The significant crash led to a full closure of the northbound on-ramp from SR 516 in Kent. The right lane of northbound SR167 at SR 516 was also blocked.

Emergency crews worked to clear the area, and the details continue to unfold.

If you have been injured and are unclear about the basics of what to do next, consider talking with a personal injury lawyer. Your legal counsel can help you understand Washington state laws about car accidents.

*Car Accident Reporting in Kent, Washington*It is useful to know the legal guidelines for reporting a car accident in Washington.In Washington state, if a police officer responds to an accident, and the damage is $1,000 or more to any vehicle or property, or there is injury or death of any person, the officer must file a police report.

According to Wash. Rev. Code § 46.5.30 (3) (2023), this reporting requirement is handled by the police if they respond to an accident. When no report is filed by a police officer, it is your responsibility to report the accident within four days of the incident.

The reporting responsibility applies to anyone involved, whether you were a driver, property owner, pedestrian, or bicyclist.

*State Laws in Washington are Fault-Based *Washington state has a traditional “fault-based” system for insurance. This means that if you are injured, or your property is damaged, you are free to bring an insurance claim or file a lawsuit against whoever is legally responsible. In Washington, you do not need to first file a claim against your auto policy.

*Understanding the Statute of Limitations in Kent*A statute of limitations is a law defining strict deadlines on when you have a right to file a lawsuit in court. These statutes can be complicated, as the details vary depending on the type of lawsuit.

For most Washington car accident lawsuits, the general statute of limitations is three years. This is the same amount of time applied to most Washington personal injury lawsuits.

The three-year limitation period also applies if a victim’s surviving relatives want to bring a wrongful death lawsuit. The time frame may start later if the victim’s death occurs later than the date of the accident.

*What if You Miss The Statute of Limitations*Typically, if you miss the filing deadline for a car accident lawsuit, the court will dismiss your case. Once the statute of limitations is passed, you lose your right to file a lawsuit.

*Talk to an Experienced King County Personal Injury Attorney*If you have been involved in an accident and are worried about filing an insurance claim or lawsuit, you may have questions and concerns about the process. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to provide legal insights for moving forward.