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What to Know About Personal Injury Claims After an Accident in Bellevue

Posted Friday, September 29, 2023 by Chris Thayer

Car crashes and collisions can happen on just about every road in King County. If you are not familiar with the scope of legal issues after an accident, you may not realize your options for justice.

Not every car incident is identical. If you have had an injury in a Bellevue accident, an attorney can provide understanding to navigate the legal landscape.

According to an article on the Bellevue Beat Blog, a Bellevue motorcycle is in critical condition and in intensive care at Harborview Medical Center. The officer sustained multiple injuries after an incident where he was ejected off his motorcycle while riding as part of the Vice President’s motorcade during her visit to Seattle. The Washington State Patrol is continuing its investigation.

While we often think of accidents in terms of personal and vehicle damage, there are many unique circumstances.

*Statute of Limitations in Bellevue, Washington*The statute of limitations in Washington is typically three years from the date of the injury. According to the Revised Code of Washington, Section 4.16.080, actions are listed that fall within the limit of a three-year guideline. The sections spell out in detail the actions that are covered within the three-year limit.

The wording clearly states that “an action for taking, detaining, or injuring personal property, including an action for the specific recovery thereof, or for any other injury to the person or rights of another not hereinafter enumerated” falls within the three-year timeframe.

However, the statute of limitations does have variations for different situations. For example, in medical malpractice, an injured party has one year from the date of the discovery of the injury to file a legal claim.

In contemplating suing for personal injury, it is essential to understand this time frame. Cases may be dismissed if they are not filed within the time specified.

*Comparative Fault Rules in Bellevue Accidents*Every personal injury case is unique. In some cases, an injured person may be considered partially at fault. For instance, in a car accident, if both drivers are found to be at fault, this may be viewed in terms of percentage contributions.

The rules in Washington use what is known as “pure comparative negligence.” This means that the percentage of fault attributed to you is used to reduce the amount that you recover. For example, if you recover $20,000 and the judge or jury determines you to be 20% at fault, your recovery would be reduced to $18,000.

If your case goes to trial, the judge or jury is required to use this rule. It is also possible that an insurance adjuster may employ this guideline in injury settlement negotiations.

*Understanding the Terms: Personal Injury in Bellevue*Personal injury refers to physical, emotional, and mental damage as the result of an injury. This is typically the type of injury that is dealt with in civil courts. In addition to personal injury, there may be other aspects of injury as a result of an accident.

For example, there could be financial impacts such as the costs of medical treatment, loss of the ability to work, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

*Talk to a Dedicated King County Personal Injury Attorney*If you have been involved in an accident, it can be extremely stressful to navigate all the legal and medical issues regarding your case. A personal injury attorney may be able to provide legal insights related to your injury.