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Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Chris Thayer
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A Seattle Injury Lawyer Discusses the Timeline for Case Settlement

Posted Monday, August 26, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle Injury Lawyer“When will my case settle?” is a question asked by virtually all clients of a Seattle injury lawyer. Although it is impossible to give an exact time frame, several factors help determine how speedily a case is resolved.

A Seattle Injury Lawyer Explains the Factors Involved in Settling CasesEvery Seattle injury lawyer knows that some cases can be settled in a matter of months, while others continue on for years before a resolution is reached via settlement or litigation. Your Seattle injury attorney will probably want to wait until you are completely recovered – or mostly recovered – before even discussing a settlement. But prior to that, your lawyer will need to know the following:

What is the total amount of all medical expenses from the incident?Does your doctor think that you will need any further medical treatment in order to recover as fully as possible?Is there a predicable cost for any future treatment?Do you have injuries that could be considered permanent? If so, can you detail how they affect your ability to earn a living?Did you have a significant loss of income and if so, how much? Did you lose out on any other employment benefits, such as sick days, vacation time, seniority, or promotions?Do you have reason to believe you will lose even more income than you already have because of your injuries?

These are only a few of the factors that can affect how quickly you see compensation for you case – provided, of course, that your case settles favorably. To maximize any compensation, you’ll likely need a Seattle injury attorney.

However, as the case moves forward, your Seattle injury lawyer will likely have a better idea of when it is likely to be resolved. Bear in mind that cases are generally resolved faster with a Seattle injury lawyer than without one.

A Seattle Injury Attorney to Settle Your CaseTrying to settle a case by yourself can be difficult – especially if you are also recovering from injuries. Call Seattle injury lawyer Chris Thayer at (206) 340-2008 today for help.

Whiplash Injury Risk Factors

Posted Wednesday, August 21, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Do not assume that just because you don’t see or feel any injuries after your auto accident, that you are perfectly fine. Even a small injury can lead to internal and unseen injuries that will develop into larger problems if they go untreated, especially in vital areas such as the neck or spine. Discuss with your Seattle injury lawyer what risk factors you should be aware of.seattle injury lawyer

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Seattle on Avoiding Insurance Company Lowballing Tactics

Posted Wednesday, August 14, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Motorcycle Accident AttorneyInsurance adjusters may use unreasonable strategies to force an unfairly low settlement for an injury victim’s claim. A person who has been hurt because of another’s negligence, and simply wants to get on with his/her life, may not know how to deal with such unfair lowballing tactics.A motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle can help you counter those tactics and make a fair assessment of your claim value.

Some adjusters may give you what sounds like a compelling argument for taking a low settlement offer. A motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle can give you a fair analysis of your case value and will recognize lowballing tactics for what they are. What follows are some examples.

Lump Sum vs. Structured Settlement

If the adjuster offers you a structured payment plan over several years rather than a lump sum, contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle right away. Often, these structured settlement plans sound better than they really are. Most of the time, earned interest benefits the insurance company, not you. Let your motorcycle accident lawyer in Seattle explain further.

Tax Consequences

The adjuster may claim a low offer is justified since you are getting it tax free. Be wary. Your motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle can discuss the tax consequences of injury benefits.

Attorney Bias

If the adjuster thinks you’d rather not involve a motorcycle accident lawyer in Seattle, they may try to exploit that and force you to take a low settlement rather than contacting one.

Vehicle Depreciation

The resale value of the vehicle involved in your accident may go down even after repairs. Your motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle will review whether the insurance settlement offer takes that into effect and fairly compensates you.

Bad Faith

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Seattle will be well versed in insurance law and contracts. He/she will know what coverage you might be entitled to and can review the details of any offers to protect you against bad faith denials of coverage.

Put the knowledge and experience of a motorcycle accident attorney in Seattle to work for you. Don’t delay, call Chris Thayer now at (206) 340-2008.

An Injury Attorney in Seattle Can Help You Recognize Unfair Insurance Adjuster Tactics

Posted Friday, August 9, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Injury attorney in SeattleAn insurance adjuster’s response to injured claimants is often fraught with half-truths and unfair delay tactics. This is because insurance companies are in the business to make money, not make sure justice is rendered. This is why it is important to have an injury attorney in Seattle in your corner who will fight for you.

Like it or not, it can often seem like insurance companies are in the business of not paying claims. If you seek benefit payments for your injuries, you may face stone-walling adjusters who try to minimize your claim. Your injury attorney in Seattle will help you fight back against common delay tactics, some of which are summarized as follows.

Blaming the VictimAs your injury attorney in Seattle can explain, adjusters may try to devalue your claim by erroneously pushing certain responsibilities on you. They might say:

• “It’s your social responsibility to take a lower settlement so everyone else’s premiums stay low.”

• “It’s your fault your car was vandalized. After all, you abandoned it when the ambulance took you away!”

• “It’s your job to investigate your own claim.”As a seasoned injury lawyer in Seattle knows, the above statements are false.

BullyingIf you had hired an injury lawyer in Seattle for a different claim in the past, the adjuster might try to use this against you. He/she might try to bully you into taking an unfairly low settlement now claiming it will save you time and expense. If you lost your previous claim, the adjuster may also try to use this against you. Your injury attorney in Seattle can explain the relevance, if any, of your previous claim.

Medical TreatmentTime and again injury lawyers in Seattle hear about adjusters who blame injury victims for aggravating their own injuries. The adjuster might accuse you of not seeking medical treatment fast enough. Your injury attorney in Seattle can review your file and discuss these matters with you further.

For help in dealing with the insurance company and countering unfair adjuster tactics, contact Chris Thayer, an experienced injury attorney in Seattle today at (206)340-2008.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Seattle Explains How to Spot Unsavory Insurance Adjusters

Posted Thursday, July 25, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Personal Injury Lawyer in SeattleIf you’ve been injured in an accident, it can be difficult to work the insurance company. This is because they don’t truly have your best interests at heart, and, indeed, really don’t want to settle unless it is necessary. You may run into insurance adjusters that use less than “above board” tactics to bully you. A personal injury lawyer in Seattle can help you spot and respond to these tactics.

“Our Lawyers/Experts Don’t Think You Have a Case.”Sometimes, an adjuster will tell you he/she has had an expert doctor or lawyer review your case and found it wanting. As your personal injury lawyer in Seattle can tell you, these so-called experts are likely bought and paid for by the insurance company. Their opinions are often based on incomplete facts. These biased reports are used to try and reduce your claim unfairly. Rely on your personal injury attorney in Seattle to review your case instead.

“If You Don’t Settle, the Whole World Will Know Your Business.”Unscrupulous adjusters may try to use your lifestyle against you. If you have what they consider an unfavorable lifestyle (motorcycle gang membership for example) they may try to tell you no jury would sympathize with you. Let your personal injury lawyer in Seattle be the one to advise you about jury strategy and your personal circumstances.

“You Don’t Really Want to Travel Back Here for a Trial Do You?As your personal injury lawyer in Seattle knows, some adjusters try and use geography against you. If you were injured while traveling, an adjuster may try and convince you their low offer will really save you in the long run. Your personal injury attorney in Seattle can give you a realistic idea of how much travel might be involved (if any).

If You Have Been InjuredIf you have been injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you have rights. Don’t be victimized a second time by an unscrupulous insurance adjuster. Get an experienced personal injury lawyer in Seattle on your side. Call Chris Thayer today at (206) 340-2008.