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Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Chris Thayer
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Adjuster Red Flags

Posted Thursday, November 7, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle truck accident lawyer Certain items are red flags on your claim that invite adjuster scrutiny. A Seattle truck accident lawyer has a strong knowledge of what sorts of issues raise questions among insurance adjusters, and will work with you to determine what the strengths of your case are.

A Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer Knows How Insurance Adjusters WorkAn experienced Seattle truck accident lawyer understands the thinking of insurance adjusters, and what they are directed to look for in claims. Before they examine items on your claim, they have to examine whether or not they can apply their policies to them. If so, they then must determine to what extent they can apply the policies. Following that, they will see just how much they plan on spending in order to resolve the claim.

A Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer for Adjusters Who Question EverythingYour Seattle truck accident lawyer may be able to advocate for you with an adjuster – especially if you get stuck with one who questions every little item on your claim. Unfortunately, the adjuster has the right to scrutinize claims as much as her or she wishes, and for any reason. Anything that seems suspicious will be examined thoroughly, and this includes simply getting a “funny feeling” about the insured.

A Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer Who Knows the Red FlagsWhen adjusters are overzealous in their claim examination, it can make it difficult for your Seattle truck accident attorney to resolve the case on your behalf. Take a look at these red flags adjusters often see:

  1. Medical treatment unsupported by the records available.
  2. Treatment by physicians that falls outside their specialty (for example, a chiropractor treating a neurological complaint).
  3. Continued treatment with no perceived improved in the patient’s condition.
  4. Medical issues consisting solely of soft-tissue injuries, together with reports of chronic pain and/or an inability to return to meaningful work, with no substantial medical records to support this.

For more red flags, talk to a Seattle truck accident attorney.

A Seattle Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help with Your Injury ClaimIf you’re having problems with an insurance adjuster over your injury claim, talk to Seattle truck accident attorney Chris Thayer at (206) 340-2008.

Delays and other Tactics Used by Insurance Companies

Posted Thursday, October 24, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle personal injury lawyerIt should come as no surprise that insurance companies don’t want your case to settle. Regardless of how they represent themselves to you initially, their best interests are for you to receive minimal compensation, if any at all. A seasoned Seattle personal injury lawyer knows how to deal with insurance representatives, and won’t let you be taken advantage of.

Presenting Falsities Your Seattle personal injury lawyer will be prepared for the claims adjuster to present him with false accounts of why settlement is impossible. The adjuster may state that he must wait for authority from nonexistent offices or that he needs documents to be signed, even though you have already signed and sent in these documents. Your Seattle personal injury lawyer will warn that, even with documents signed, there will likely be more documents requested a little at a time. Thus, rather than asking for everything needed from you at once, the claims representative will space out his requests to delay settlement.

Abuse of Your CooperationYour Seattle personal injury lawyer will be sure that you cooperate in whatever way is necessary to secure a fair settlement. Despite this, adjusters may claim that you need to aid in some additional, often frivolous, way with the insurance company’s investigation.

Multiple AdjustersYour Seattle personal injury attorney will tell you to expect multiple adjusters to work on your case. This may be a tactic to delay settlement or due to the high turnover rates of poorly treated, low-paid adjusters at many insurance companies. As a result, your Seattle personal injury attorney will advise that you may be forced to submit duplicates of documents you have already submitted or go over details again and again with each new adjuster.

Obtaining the Help of a Seattle Personal Injury LawyerYour Seattle personal injury attorney understands the frustration that arises when your insurance adjuster is trying to delay settlement for your claim. That is why it is so important to find someone who is reliable and knowledgeable. Seattle personal injury lawyer Chris Thayer is eager to help you with your claim. Call (206) 340-2008 today to speak with a representative.

Traits to Look for in Your Seattle Car Accident Lawyer

Posted Tuesday, October 22, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle Car Accident LawyerAttorneys are not always just attorneys. In fact, for a Seattle car accident lawyer, being an effective salesman is an important part of his job. Below are a few assets you should look for before hiring an attorney.

He Knows What It Takes to Get the Job DoneThe right Seattle car accident lawyer will know how to put together the relevant information about your claim in a way that makes settlement in your favor attractive to the insurance carrier. This is the salesman in your attorney. He will present your pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical costs in a way that best represents your appropriate damages from the insurance company.

He Treats the Claims Adjuster Like an EqualYou will want a Seattle car accident lawyer who is respectful to the other professionals he must interact with to reach a settlement agreement. Thus, the way he addresses the claims adjuster could have a big impact on how easily your claim is settled for a reasonable value. In essence, this is a reflection of the validity of the old adage that you can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.

He Practices Open Communication with the AdjusterYour Seattle car accident lawyer should be free with information as your claim proceeds. If there are documents the claims adjuster is missing, a good Seattle car accident attorney will be sure a copy is sent to him.

He Is KnowledgeableThe knowledge and experience of your Seattle car accident lawyer will be invaluable to the success of your claim. This goes hand in hand with the traits mentioned above, as the knowledge your Seattle car accident attorney has about personal injury claims will directly inform what documents are needed by the adjuster.

Finding the Right AttorneyIf you have been injured in an accident that was caused by another’s negligence, you may be asking how you go about finding a Seattle car accident attorney that fits all of these attributes laid out above. Your first step is to call (206) 340-2008 for more information about representation from Chris Thayer, an experienced attorney eager to help with your claim.

Factors in a Dog Bite Case

Posted Friday, October 18, 2013 by Chris Thayer

What’s the amount of compensation you can expect from winning a dog bite verdict? The answer is based on several different factors, which a Seattle personal injury attorney can discuss with you in an initial consultation.seattle personal injury attorney

A Personal Injury Attorney in Seattle, WA Knows How to Recognize Unfair Insurance Adjuster Delay Tactics

Posted Thursday, October 10, 2013 by Chris Thayer

alt textWhen dealing with an adjuster for your injury claim, a personal injury lawyer in Seattle, WA can spot unscrupulous tactics used to prolong your claim. Adjusters often engage in common stonewalling tricks. Some tricks may even be against the law. Be on the lookout for the following.

False DenialsOne of the most egregious tactics used is a false or misleading denial of your claim. Sometimes an adjuster may say that you don’t have a claim, when in truth he knows you do. Tell your personal injury lawyer in Seattle, WA if an adjuster tries to verbally intimidate you into withdrawing your claim. This improper behavior should be reported to the adjuster’s supervisor at once.

ArbitrationIf an adjuster attempts to force you into arbitrating your claims out of court, this can delay the process. A personal injury attorney in Seattle, WA can advise you whether you must submit to arbitration. If so, your personal injury attorney in Seattle, WA may be able to represent you in it.

Waiting Out Your Statute of LimitationsAn adjuster knows full well the legal deadline for filing your claim. As your personal injury lawyer in Seattle, WA will explain, if you fail to file a lawsuit within that deadline, you may lose the chance to ever pursue your claim. Most state regulations prohibit this kind of tactic and require the adjuster to inform you of the appropriate statute of limitations. A personal injury lawyer in Seattle, WA can fully advise you of your legal rights.

Claimant ContributionAn adjuster may tell you no benefits can be paid unless you contribute costs as well. A personal injury lawyer in Seattle, WA can review your case and explain what, if any, contribution is required.

For Assistance from Knowledgeable Legal CounselIf you have been injured due to another’s negligence, you have rights. A skilled personal injury lawyer in Seattle, WA can help you recognize and avoid unscrupulous adjusters and improper delay tactics. Call Chris Thayer today for legal help at (206) 340-2008.