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A Seattle Injury Lawyer Discusses Colossus and How It Can Negatively Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

Posted Thursday, May 30, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle injury lawyerMost personal injury victims are unaware of what Colossus is or how it works. Colossus is a widely used computer programming system that assists insurance adjusters in placing a value on your personal injury claim. Most Seattle injury lawyers do not believe that insurance adjusters can accurately gauge the extent of an accident victim’s injuries through the use of Colossus alone. For this reason, a Seattle injury lawyer will challenge the use of this system, especially if the case is valued well below what he estimates it is actually worth.

When employing a Seattle injury attorney, make sure that you find one who understands how the Colossus system works and how it is used by insurance adjusters. This knowledge will be vital determining whether or not a proposed settlement is worth considering.

Common Problems With Colossus

It is not surprising that most personal injury claims evaluated using Colossus are valued well below what they are worth. As your Seattle injury lawyer can tell you, one problem is that Colossus allows insurance adjusters to use their judgment to determine what medical expenses are necessary and reasonable. If an insurance adjuster believes that a certain treatment or procedure is not necessary given the nature of the victim’s injury, he or she will recommend that the insurance company not cover that medical expense.

While the use of Colossus can create a number of valuation errors in personal injury cases, the biggest problem that most Seattle injury lawyers have with the system is that it is just a computer, and a computer can never take the place of a human being. The law permits recovery in personal injury cases not only for injuries sustained as a result of the accident, but also for the emotional and mental suffering that many accident victims must endure. It is not possible for a computer system to measure the full extent of such injuries.

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