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An Injury Lawyer in Seattle on More Ways Insurance Companies Lowball You

Posted Thursday, June 27, 2013 by Chris Thayer

injury attorney in SeattleIf you have been injured in an accident that was caused by another person, the last thing you need is to fight a battle to receive fair compensation. Regardless, insurance claims representatives use many different techniques to “lowball” your compensation offer – i.e., offer you as little money as possible. Injuries attorneys in Seattle are well aware of the tricks insurance companies use to deny you the damages you need.

Using Your Injury Attorney in Seattle against You
Sometimes a claims representative tries to use your injury attorney in Seattle against you. If you previously had were injured in a case for which you had legal representation, and the case took a long time to resolve because of the legal expenses involved, the claims representative may reduce his or her offer by half.

Saying You Were at Fault – An Injury Attorneys in Seattle Explains
Injury lawyers in Seattle have seen claims representatives try to say that claimants are at fault for damages that occurred after the accident. The representatives argue that these damages cannot be considered when the insurance company is offering an award. One example is an accident victim having his or her car stolen after the victim left the scene of the accident – in an ambulance.

Injury Attorneys in Seattle and Your Duty to Mitigate
As an injury victim, you are responsible for mitigating the damages of your accident as quickly as possible. Sometimes claims representatives will argue that certain actions you failed to take show that you failed to do this, and say that for this reason the insurance company will not pay a portion of the damages.

Injury Attorneys in Seattle Explain Keeping Premiums Down
Often injury lawyers in Seattle hear about claims representatives telling claimant that the only way to keep their insurance premiums from rising in the coming years is to accept a smaller settlement than they might otherwise be able to receive.

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