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Delays and other Tactics Used by Insurance Companies

Posted Thursday, October 24, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle personal injury lawyerIt should come as no surprise that insurance companies don’t want your case to settle. Regardless of how they represent themselves to you initially, their best interests are for you to receive minimal compensation, if any at all. A seasoned Seattle personal injury lawyer knows how to deal with insurance representatives, and won’t let you be taken advantage of.

Presenting Falsities Your Seattle personal injury lawyer will be prepared for the claims adjuster to present him with false accounts of why settlement is impossible. The adjuster may state that he must wait for authority from nonexistent offices or that he needs documents to be signed, even though you have already signed and sent in these documents. Your Seattle personal injury lawyer will warn that, even with documents signed, there will likely be more documents requested a little at a time. Thus, rather than asking for everything needed from you at once, the claims representative will space out his requests to delay settlement.

Abuse of Your CooperationYour Seattle personal injury lawyer will be sure that you cooperate in whatever way is necessary to secure a fair settlement. Despite this, adjusters may claim that you need to aid in some additional, often frivolous, way with the insurance company’s investigation.

Multiple AdjustersYour Seattle personal injury attorney will tell you to expect multiple adjusters to work on your case. This may be a tactic to delay settlement or due to the high turnover rates of poorly treated, low-paid adjusters at many insurance companies. As a result, your Seattle personal injury attorney will advise that you may be forced to submit duplicates of documents you have already submitted or go over details again and again with each new adjuster.

Obtaining the Help of a Seattle Personal Injury LawyerYour Seattle personal injury attorney understands the frustration that arises when your insurance adjuster is trying to delay settlement for your claim. That is why it is so important to find someone who is reliable and knowledgeable. Seattle personal injury lawyer Chris Thayer is eager to help you with your claim. Call (206) 340-2008 today to speak with a representative.