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Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Chris Thayer
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Evidence in Washington Personal Injury Cases

Posted Friday, January 11, 2019 by Chris Thayer

Alternative TextFiling a personal injury suit can seem like a complicated process. Regardless of the complexity of the case, however, each personal injury case follows the same process. In Washington, a personal injury suit can be brought when the negligence or wrongful act of another has resulted in your injury. In an ideal world, the person responsible for the accident or injury, or any insurance company involved, would be willing to pay for the damages and injury that resulted from the accident. Unfortunately the world is not perfect, and most people and companies do not want to pay for the injuries of another. As such, having the strongest personal injury case possible is a key component of being successful in a personal injury suit.

One of the best ways to strengthen your personal injury case is to have an abundance of evidence that backs up your claims. There are many different types of evidence that can be relevant in personal injury cases and they all should be examined together to present the strongest case.

*Medical Records* In a personal injury suit, medical records are an extremely important component. The medical records are proof that an actual injury has occurred. These records should include the doctor’s diagnosis and prognosis, the cost of medical treatment, and the cost of future medical treatments that will be necessary because of the injury. If the medical records are a match to the injuries that you are claiming, that gives validity to the injury claim being made. Of course, there are many different factors that go into the final decision of a personal injury suit, but having accurate medical records definitely does not hurt the case.

*Police Report* If the injury is the result of a car accident, a police report is important evidence. In Washington, the law requires that an accident be reported to the Washington Department of Transportation. Usually, law enforcement will be called to the scene of the accident to make an official report. An officer will report to the scene of the accident, take witness statements, talk to the drivers of the vehicles, and try to come to a conclusion surrounding the circumstances of the accident. The police report is an important part of a car accident injury case because it establishes that an injury occurred and potential causes of the accident.

*Witness Statements* If there were witnesses to the injury, having their contact information is helpful. A witness can corroborate a victim’s statement and make his or her claims more credible. Taking down the contact information of a witness can prove to be helpful later on in a personal injury case.

If you have been injured through the negligence or wrongful act of another, you need the help of a dedicated personal injury attorney. The personal injury attorneys at Pivotal Law Group are here to help you present the strongest case possible. Our attorneys know that the keys to a successful case are accurate claims and strong evidence. Contact us today for a consultation and find out the options available to you.

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