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Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Chris Thayer
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Four of the Biggest Complaints Injury Victims Have When Dealing With Lawyers

Posted Friday, December 4, 2020 by Chris Thayer

For those of us who routinely deal with insurance companies, we are quite accustomed to handling long wait times, adjusters who ignore our communications, and courts that often move a little slower than we would like. But this is largely because Seattle personal injury lawyers deal with this type of thing every single day, whereas the typical injury victim will likely only suffer one catastrophic event in a lifetime. That said, there are a few big complaints that tend to be common when people are dealing with attorneys, and this is why it is so important to work with a lawyer you trust and with whom you enjoy working.

*My Lawyer Never Lets me Know What is Going on*While most attorneys do a good job of trying to keep their clients informed, personal injury cases present a unique set of challenges, and not every attorney is well-equipped to deal with those challenges. For instance, personal injury cases can last for years, regardless of the skill or effort of the attorney. This may be due to a backlog of cases on the court’s calendar, or it may be due to a client needing to continue seeking advanced medical care. Finally, even after a case settles or reaches a verdict, there can be a long lag time waiting for payment. Still, a client should be able to expect that they can call and get updates and that their attorneys will contact them regularly to discuss the case and give updates, even if there really is not much to report.

*My Attorney is Trying to Force Me to Settle*This one is a touchy subject because on one hand, your attorney should never be forcing you to take a settlement that you do not want. On the other hand, there are indeed times when an attorney will strongly advise a client not to go to trial. Striking the balance can be tough.

One thing to consider is that an experienced personal injury lawyer is one who has repeatedly handled cases against insurance companies. After going to trial numerous times, a lawyer develops a certain sense for what a jury may do with certain information. Often, things that seem obvious and clear may not even be admissible in a court of law. It is important to agree on the goals of litigation and reach some consensus on expectations, as well.

*My Lawyer Did Not Explain the Fees*Personal injury cases are generally handled through a contingent fee agreement. A contingent fee is one that is set based on a percentage of the funds recovered. In general, these fees are only paid if the case is successful in recovering compensation. This should be a fairly straightforward arrangement and an easy enough one to explain. Sadly, there are attorneys who charge unreasonable fees. The Washington State Rules of Professional Conduct outline what are considered to be reasonable fees and some of the factors to consider when assessing fees.

*My Case is Taking Too Long*Unfortunately, this complaint is closely related to the first. When people are not kept in the loop, time can pass slowly and make them feel ignored. This should never happen. The fact is, most injury claims do take quite a while to resolve. In some situations, the client must receive lengthy and ongoing treatment. In other cases, the court may have reasons for delaying things. Whatever the case, it is important to understand what to expect from the start.

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