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Helping in a Mercer Island Car Collision

Posted Friday, November 24, 2023 by Chris Thayer

Picture for a moment that you are near a car collision that has just occurred. No one is on hand, such as local police, ambulance, highway patrol, or fire services. What should you do?

The first thing to do is to call 911. Be a good witness and notice what is going on around you. Then, if you can safely administer help, consider how you can help in an emergency.

If you want to help, you may still worry if it is a smart idea. You may be concerned that you don’t have proper medical training — and in helping, you could open yourself up to a personal injury lawsuit if something goes wrong.

In Washington state, it is good to know that there are laws covering this kind of situation. They are called Good Samaritan laws and are designed to protect people who voluntarily try to help at the scene of an accident.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car crash, talking with an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer can help provide peace of mind.

*If You Come Across a Mercer Island Car Accident*No one goes out of the door and envisions coming across the scene of a car accident. Perhaps you were walking your dog. Maybe you were popping out to the grocery store to pick up a carton of milk.

Good Samaritan laws can protect you if you try to help in an emergency.

*What is the Good Samaritan Law in Mercer Island?*According to RCW 4.24.300, in Washington state, a Good Samaritan is someone who gives aid or assistance in an emergency. The definition of a Samaritan is a person who does not expect compensation and is generally applied to people who are not trained professionals. Essentially, Good Samaritans are people who help others, commonly called a rescuer. In Washington state, you are immune from liability unless you have been willfully negligent or reckless when you render aid.

*What is Washington’s 911 Good Samaritan Law?*In addition to protecting people who can help save lives, such as in a car crash, Washington state goes a step further.

In Washington, if a person seeks medical assistance for someone who is experiencing a drug-related overdose, they are also protected. The person helping those in need will not be charged with possession of a controlled substance. The overdose victim is also protected from drug possession charges.

*What Should You Know About the Good Samaritan Law?*When someone is fighting for their life, ideally, a bystander would not question whether or not to be helpful. Your efforts could save a person’s life. Yet, we live in a litigious society.

Have you been a good samaritan? Have you received help from a good samaritan? If you have questions, talking with an experienced personal injury attorney may help you understand your case.

*When to Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer in King County*In Washington, the statute of limitations is three years from the date of a car accident to file a legal suit. If you have been involved in a car collision, the clock starts ticking on the date of the accident.

Talking to an experienced Washington Personal Injury Lawyer may help to clarify your legal options.