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Hit by an Uninsured Motorist?

Posted Friday, January 10, 2020 by Chris Thayer

Alternative TextBeing in a car accident is already a traumatic and overwhelming experience. If you suffered any type of physical injuries, you likely have medical bills along with pain and suffering, loss of wages, as well as damage to your vehicle. Drivers in the state of Washington are required by law to have insurance coverage, but many operate a vehicle without any insurance at all. If you were in an accident with an uninsured motorist, you may have a more challenging time attempting to receive compensation for your damages.

*Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists*Uninsured drivers are persons who did not elect to pay for car insurance coverage or failed to maintain the required minimum amount of coverage. Underinsured drivers are those drivers who purchased only the minimum amount of insurance required by law that still will not cover all of your damages from the car accident. A Washington driver must have the following insurance coverage under the law:

*Uninsured Motorist Coverage*Uninsured motorist coverage is a type of insurance any driver is allowed to obtain in the state of Washington that will cover damages or expenses related to a car accident if the other driver was either uninsured or underinsured. The state of Washington does not require that drivers obtain this coverage, but it is recommended as you will then be able to file a claim with your own insurance company regarding any loss for damage to your own vehicle or any medical bills you may have as a result of the accident.

*Filing an Uninsured/Underinsured Claim *If you were in a car accident in the state of Washington, regardless if the other driver had insurance, you will need to file a police report or file a collision report with law enforcement. If a police officer arrives at the scene of the accident, you will not have to file this report. However, if no police officer completes a collision report, then each driver involved in the collision has the responsibility to file a collision report within four days of the car accident. You may submit a report online or obtain a collision report from your local police department.

If the other driver was uninsured and fails to pay for any damages resulting from the accident, you may report it to the Washington State Department of Licensing within 180 days of the accident through a Motor Vehicle Claim for Damages form. To qualify for this, you must have incurred at least $1,000 in property damages or suffered an injury.

*Contact Our Experienced Car Accident Attorneys Today *If you were in a car accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist, contact our experienced legal team at the Pivotal Law Group at 206-340-2008. You have the right to receive monetary compensation for your damages. We proudly serve the Seattle, Bellevue, Kent, Renton, Burien, Mercer Island and Issaquah areas.