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Insurance Adjuster Tactic: Trying to Convince Accident Victims They Don’t Need a Seattle Personal Injury Attorney

Posted Tuesday, May 28, 2013 by Chris Thayer

Seattle personal injury attorneyInsurance adjusters will often try to convince accident victims that they do not need to hire a Seattle personal injury attorney. After all, the insurance company can provide the accident victim with all of the assistance needed—right? This claim is absolutely false. In order to ensure that your case is properly handled by the insurance adjusters, it is imperative that you retain a Seattle personal injury attorney who has experience negotiating with insurance companies. An experienced lawyer can make sure adjusters do not use manipulation tactics to convince you to settle for a settlement offer that is significantly lower than what you are entitled to under law.

Why Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Retain an Attorney

There are a number of reasons why insurance adjusters do not want accident victims to retain the services of a Seattle personal injury attorney. One main reason is that once the insurance company learns that you are represented by counsel, they can no longer contact you directly. Any communication from that point forward must be made through your attorney. Also, once an insurance company learns that you are represented by a lawyer, they know that the value of your case automatically increases and it will be highly unlikely that they will be able to manipulate you out of money that you deserve.

Insurance companies also do not like for accident victims to be represented by counsel because it interferes with their ability to quickly work through cases. An experienced Seattle personal injury attorney will ensure that any offer made by the insurance company is fair and just under the law. If the amount offered is substantially lower than what the client is entitled to under the law, the Seattle personal injury attorney will likely recommend that the client refuse the settlement offer or take the case to litigation. This increases the amount of time that the insurance adjuster will be forced to spend on your case.

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