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Look Out for Wrong-Way Drivers

Posted Friday, November 19, 2021 by Chris Thayer

Few things are more terrifying than imagining yourself driving down the highway at 75 miles per hour only to see another vehicle dead-on in your path, barreling toward you at a high speed. Chances are, you would not even have time to think about reacting before impact. Unfortunately, this is a situation in which more and more drivers are finding themselves; the number of wrong-way driving collisions has been rapidly increasing since the pandemic began. Experts believe that these kinds of accidents, which occur primarily late at night and on weekends, are largely caused by alcohol, which is also responsible for the increase in fatal wrong-way driving accidents. Of course, there are many other factors that can contribute to causing these accidents as well, which we will discuss more below. The information provided here is intended to be general, but it is important to remember that no two crashes are exactly the same, and even one factor can result in an entirely different legal strategy. For this reason, the best way to get accurate and applicable legal information is always to talk directly to a lawyer. If you would like to speak with one of the experienced Seattle area personal injury lawyers at Pivotal Law Group, feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation.

*Causes of Wrong-Way Driving Accidents *Negligence is almost always a given when it comes to wrong-way driving accidents. These kinds of accidents are highly unlikely to happen when everyone is obeying traffic laws and driving responsibly. Although inclement weather, such as icy or snowy roads, large or sudden debris, and vehicle defects can contribute to causing wrong-way accidents, there is usually another contributing factor, such as speeding, drowsy, or distracted driving, which are all forms of negligence. Alcohol also cannot be overlooked as a likely cause, given that a recent study showed that over 60% of wrong-way drivers involved in a fatal collision were legally intoxicated. As if that is not shocking enough, the data reflects that an additional 36% of wrong-way drivers involved in fatal collisions had some amount of alcohol in their system which was below the legal limit, but which may have still been sufficient to impair their driving ability. This means that if you are hit by a wrong-way driver, there is essentially a 96% chance that the driver who hit you is some level of intoxicated. This is relevant because it helps you to establish both liability and negligence.

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