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Seattle Personal Injury Attorney Chris Thayer
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Recovering from Your Injuries

Posted Monday, August 3, 2015 by Chris Thayer

After you have suffered an injury in an accident, an injury lawyer in Seattle can explain the steps that you can take to recover from your injury. This is your most important task to complete. This is because recovering will help you be in the right frame of mind at your trial. Additionally, you have the legal responsibility of mitigating your damages. Here are a few ways to accomplish the speediest recovery possible.

Attend All Appointments

Go to all of the appointments that your doctors schedule. If you must cancel, notify the doctor’s office immediately and reschedule the appointment promptly. A personal injury attorney in Seattle can explain that having “no show” notated on your medical records can be used against you.

Attend Physical Therapy Sessions

Likewise, attend all of your physical therapy sessions. These are often prescribed when a patient suffers a sprain, strain or other soft tissue injury. Participate fully in the experience to make the most of the treatment.

Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Follow your doctor’s orders precisely. If your doctor tells you take certain medications, take them. If your doctor tells you to complete therapy exercises, do so. If your doctor instructs you to limit certain activities, including working, follow these instructions. It is important that you be able to show that you have done everything proactively possible to make a full recovery. In addition to inhibiting your recovery, not following your doctor’s orders can adversely affect your legal claim and portray you as someone who is not really trying to get better. This type of information could be used against you at trial or in settlement negotiations.

Legal Assistance

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